About Us

Audioline Ltd is a fast growing firm. Our clients are pleased to find a large variety of products, which are new and interesting for the market.
Audioline is an authorized dealer of the brands Sennheiser and FlavourArt. It is also an exclusive distributor for Bulgaria of the brands: FiiO, Soundmagic, Meze,SoundMagic,IbassoPodspeakers by Scandyna, Kyboe and others. We are very happy to tell you that now you can find Radios, Speakers, Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Earphones, Bluetooth Keyboards, GSM Accessoaries, Cables, Headphone Amplifiers, Watches and many other useful things in our shop. We offer you the opportunity to create our own unique Lifestyle through the trendy, fashionable and creative products.
Design + high quality is our virtue.