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The iBasso DC03 has a powerful output voltage of up to 2Vrms at 300 Ohms of the load and 1.61Vrms at 32 Ohms of the load. It outputs a power of up to 80mW at 32 Ohms of load which is more than enough to power your IEMs with ease.
niBasso has written a custom application code for Android users for precise volume adjustment. Usually, in smartphones, the volume is adjusted with up to 10 or 12 volume levels only that would make your hi-res earphones really loud even at 1 volume level. With the application, your smartphones support UAC 2.0 volume adjustment with 64 volume levels providing the users with precise volume control.
nDC03 adopts type-C interface and uses standard UAC2.0 sound card chip, which is not only compatible with most Android phones and tablets in the market, but also can connect to Apple /Windows computers through the C-A adapter, easily realizing external decoding. Plug and play, get up anytime, anywhere.
nDC03 can be plug and play on Android devices running Android above Android5.1 (due to the impact of the device system or hardware, there may be compatibility differences on very few Android devices).But with the DC03 output level up to 2Vms, even volume 1 can be very loud on some Android devices.Therefore, it is recommended that you install Android APK-ibasso UAC for finer volume control.PCM 32Bit/384kHz and Native DSD256 output are supported for some models


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